Your 2017/2018 Executive Council is:


President – Blaine Badiuk

Blaine Badiuk is proud to have been born and raised in Grande Prairie, the youngest city in Alberta. Blaine started his studies at GPRC as a Dual Credit student in Fall 2015. Following graduation from Charles Spencer High School, Blaine enrolled full-time at GPRC, and will be continuing studies for the next few years. Studying Mathematics Education, Blaine hopes to one day inspire students to open their minds to the power and beauty of math.

As President of the Students’ Association of Grande Prairie Regional College, Blaine is continuing his passion of representing students. As a member of the Minister’s Student Advisory Council with Alberta Education, student representative on School Council, and as a member of the City of Grande Prairie’s Youth Council, Blaine has advocated for students to nearly every level of government.

Grande Prairie’s music community is where Blaine spends his spare time, by being a member of Grande Prairie’s Community Symphony Orchestra and being involved with Musical Theatre productions. “Without music, life would be a mistake.” ~ Friedrich Nietzsche.

Blaine looks forward to build off the legacy from last year’s executive, and to ensure all students are being served by the association.


VP Internal – Brent Nordhagen

Brent Nordhagen was born in Calgary, Alberta. He lived there until the age of five before moving to Grande Prairie, Alberta. Growing up in Grande Prairie, Brent attended the Grande Prairie Composite High school, and proceeded to graduate from there.

Unsure of what program to pursue, Brent enrolled himself as a full time student taking Open Studies at GPRC in 2015/2016. Now after completing his first year of Business Administration, he feels this program is a promising one. Considering Brent was raised in a family orientated environment, he chose GPRC because it is accessible and an institution where he can get an education while being close to his whole family. Student leadership to Brent is acting as the backbone for students creating a unified voice to make a difference. Whether you are on campus or off, students come first. Ironically, during Brent’s first year at GPRC, he thought the Students’ Association was a part of the bookstore. He now knows the SA plays a huge role in student life and the political side of the spectrum. After taking a marketing course, Brent understands the fundamentals and wants to bring awareness to the SA from the inside of the organization to the student eye. His goal is that no student will ever think the SA is a part of the bookstore again. The last year’s student executives have created a solid foundation for this upcoming year, and Brent plans to build on the momentum to solidify that legacy.


VP External – Lindsey Comeau

Lindsey Comeau was born and raised in Clairmont just outside of Grande Prairie. She went to Peace Wapiti Academy in Grande Prairie for all of high school.

She is taking the university transfer Bachelor of Arts program at GPRC and is majoring in political science. Peace Wapiti has a small amount of students and she loved the close and personal atmosphere it has. GPRC being a smaller college offers the same kind of personal feel and that is why she chose to start her degree at GPRC.

Student leadership to her is above all else, learning how to be a peer. She, as a student leader, believes she has to listen to her peers, hear their concerns and then apply them to solutions. This means she has to be conscious of everyone’s concerns and always have them in mind when making decisions and that she always has to be student focused. Lindsey is also a part of the Model UN club at GPRC, which she says has taught her a lot when it comes to being peer focused and considerate of other people’s concerns. She believes being a part of this club will help her always make decisions based on the students’ needs and wants.



VP Social – Dravjot Minhas

Dravjot Minhas was born in Edmonton and lived there until the age of 3 before moving to Grande Prairie. He graduated from the Composite High School in the year of 2012.

Currently enrolled in the Business Administration Program, Dravjot is looking to specialize in Human Resources.  Dravjot choose to attend GPRC because it is local to him and as he said “Hey, tuition is pretty good”.

What does student leadership mean to Dravjot? To him it means being there for his fellow students in terms of making them laugh, make them feel included or involved, and being a shoulder to vent on.

In the 2016 Fall semester, Dravjot had no intention or idea that he would be working so close to the Students’ Association until he was recruited to join the Student Council by past Vice President Internal, Ryan Sivorot. Throughout the school year, Dravjot received first hand experience of how the Students’ Association operated by being involved in the By-law Review Committee. In the Winter 2017 semester when it came time for the 2017/18 Executive Council nominations, Dravjot was asked by the Executive Council team if he had any plans of running. After being convinced, Dravjot decided Vice President Social was the best fit for him and soon took to focusing his attention to campaigning.

During his time in office, Dravjot wants to focus on creating and hosting a large variety of events that will appeal to the different groups of his fellow student body.