Your 2019/2020 Executive Council is:


President – Lindsey Comeau

Lindsey Comeau was born and raised in Clairmont just outside of Grande Prairie. She went to Peace Wapiti Academy in Grande Prairie for all of high school.

She is taking the university transfer Bachelor of Arts program at GPRC and is majoring in political science. Peace Wapiti has a small amount of students and she loved the close and personal atmosphere it has. GPRC being a smaller college offers the same kind of personal feel and that is why she chose to start her degree at GPRC.

Student leadership to her is above all else, learning how to be a peer. She, as a student leader, believes she has to listen to her peers, hear their concerns and then apply them to solutions. This means she has to be conscious of everyone’s concerns and always have them in mind when making decisions and that she always has to be student focused. Lindsey is also a part of the Model UN club at GPRC, which she says has taught her a lot when it comes to being peer focused and considerate of other people’s concerns. She believes being a part of this club will help her always make decisions based on the students’ needs and wants.



VP Social – Emma Doris








VP External – Devyn Charles









VP Internal – Jasbelle Leal

My name is Jasbelle Leal, your 2019-2020 VP Internal of the student Association of GPRC. I am studying to become a Personal Trainer, and I am on my 3rd year. I was born in the Philippines and migrated with my family in Canada in 2015. I speak and understand Tagalog, Cebuano, and Hiligaynon. Most people would also agree that I speak and understand English. Some of my hobbies are wall climbing, graphic designing, traveling, and posting on my social media.

As your VP Internal, my responsibilities is to take charge of the internal relations within the associations like the finances, and the Used Book Sale (UBS), and to represent the student body. I am also your liaison for the student health and dental plan.

My goal is to exhibit a Students First leadership in the GPRC community by advocating for student needs. This year, I am working on research about services other institutions provide for their students, like free period products, that we can add here at GPRC, and promoting inclusivity in campus.

I am always open to hearing from students about their needs and concerns. If you have any questions about the services in campus, our health and dental plan, or any academic concerns, I would be happy to help you!