Life as an SAGPRC Executive

Being elected to SAGPRC’s Executive Council is an excellent leadership opportunity and an incredible chance to give back to GPRC students. On any given day, as an elected council member, you may be attending meetings with GPRC staff, planning events for students, chatting with students regarding their concerns, or attending conferences across the country to network with other student leaders! As a student executive, you work hard to better the lives of students, but you also receive many opportunities to grow professionally and most importantly, to have fun!

SAGPRC’s Executive team consists of 3 Vice-Presidents: VP Internal, VP External and VP Social, led by the President. Together, SAGPRC’s Executive Council works hard to offer students external representation, great events and activities as well as services such as the health and dental plan. SAGPRC executives are elected on a yearly basis by the student body.

Your 2019/2020 Executive Council:


Lindsey Comeau
Devyn Charles
Vice President External
Jasbelle Leal
Vice President Internal
Emma Doris
Vice President Social
Left to Right: Vice President Social, Emma Doris; Vice President Internal, Jasbelle Leal; Vice President External, Devyn Charles, President, Lindsey Comeau