Your Student Executives spend time and effort advocating on behalf of GPRC students. This includes research, addressing issues with GPRC administration, lobbying and government relations. To achieve these numerous lobbying priorities, SAGPRC puts a large emphasis on collaborating with other student organizations.

SAGPRC is currently a member of ASEC (Alberta Student Executive Council), a provincial advocacy organization that brings together 17 different student led organizations representing the interests of more than 175,000 students across Alberta.  ASEC is Alberta’s united student voice and a place where student’s learn, lead and work together to create solutions for Alberta’s post-secondary sector.

Community Partnerships:

SAGPRC puts a large emphasis on developing and maintaining strong working relationships with the Grande Prairie community. Through the partnerships we have made within our community, and the sponsorship they provide, we at the SAGPRC are able to offer GPRC students better quality services and events. We also offer students an extensive Discount Program to many of the retailers in the Grande Prairie and Fairview area.

For more information on our discount program please check out the brochure below.

Student Discount List

Student Representation:

As the official student voice on GPRC campus, SAGPRC ensures that students receive the representation they deserve. This is done by ensuring many of GPRC’s committees have student representation.  SAGPRC also has a seat on the Board of Governors, the highest decision making authority on Campus.

A few examples of the committees/councils students sit on:

  • Academic Council
  • Administrative Council
  • Hiring Committees
  • Environmental Committee
  • Curriculum Committee
  • President’s Ball Planning Committee
  • Athletic Strategic Planning Committee

  • Strategic Enrollment & Retention Committee
  • Convocation Committee
  • Co-Curricular Recognition Committee
  • Nominating Committee
  • Program Review Committee
  • Research Planning Committee
  • Animal Care Committee


The Students’ Association collaborates on a consistent basis with GPRC. We have a strong working relationship with many departments on Campus, such as Athletics and Student Services. SAGPRC chooses to work with and forge relationships with GPRC administration, in an effort to produce the best results for students.

Affordable, Accessible, Quality Education:

SAGPRC Student Executives are very active at the provincial level through ASEC. We believe that anyone who wishes to attend post-secondary in Alberta, whether you’re part-time, full-time, international, aboriginal, mature, single parent or an apprentice, has the right to accessible education. SAGPRC works in collaboration with other student organizations across Alberta to lobby government officials on the many issues Alberta students are facing. If you’re interested in reading ASEC’s Advocacy document please check it out here

Alberta Students' Executive Council