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Executive Council Election 2021-2022

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John Tiede Headshot.png

John Tiede 

1. Accountability from the College to the Students

2. Mental Health Funding and Support 

3. Inclusivity for all Programs and Campuses

4. Government Advocacy to get students a fair deal 

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Vice President Internal

Brooklyn Broaders 

1. Improve Health and Dental 

2. Increase Mental Health support 

3. Listen and bring forward student concerns 

4. Ensure finances are used to improve student experience

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Vice President External

Tallon Jebb Headshot.jpg
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Tallon Jebb

1. Add a discount partnership with a technology store in G.P for students (Laptops/Printers/Supplies,etc.)

2.Maintain current students discount partnerships and grow the discount partnerships by 30%

3. Address questions and concerns by students and pursue legitimate efforts to find solutions

4. Source and convey relevant value-add information to GPRC students

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