Used Book Sale

SAGPRC runs a Used Book Sale for students to try and get the textbooks they need at cheaper prices. Students Can try to sell their books or buy books that are new to them. 

The Used Book Sale is open during the academic year, however there are two large sales held at the beginning of Fall and Winter Semesters. 

Add Your Books to the Used Book Sale

Please fill out the form to add books to the Used Book Sale. 

Used Book Sale Form
Fill out this form to add your Used Textbooks to the sale. 

I authorize the Students' Association of Grande Prairie Regional College (SAGPRC) as an agent to sell my books at the price listed above. 

In consideration with SAGPRC offering the books for sale, I agree to pay SAGPRC a commission of 15% of the selling price listed above. I herby  irrevocably authorize SAGPRC to deduct the said commission from the selling price. 
I further agree that SAGPRC is not responsible for any damage, loss or theft of my books and I agree to hold them and anyone associated with SAGPRC harmless in any such event 

I understand and agree that in regards to any books that do not sell, it is my responsibility to withdraw those books within one calendar year of putting the books in the Used Book Sale. I agree that if in one calendar year my books have not sold I have two weeks to pick up my books or they will be donated on my behalf. 

I also understand that I will recieve payment for my books sold (less the amount outlined above) by e-transfer, and it is my responsibility to provide the correct email address and accept the funds in a timely manner. 

Thank You! Stay Tuned