Today the Government of Alberta announced that they are extending the post-secondary tuition and fee freeze through 2018-19 academic year.  The SAGPRC is pleased but continues to advocate for a clear, consistent and common sense model for post-secondary funding along with degree-granting status for GPRC.

SAGPRC Response to Tuition Freeze

November 30, 2017


The Government of Alberta announced today that there will be a post secondary education tuition and fee freeze for a fourth year.

Blaine Badiuk, President, Students’ Association of Grande Prairie Regional College says in response to the announcement:

“For most students the past three years of tuition freezes have kept the possibility open of attending a post secondary institute. While students understand that they have to pay their fair share of the costs, year to year tuition freezes are unsustainable. Current students will benefit for a year of another tuition freeze but we really need a clear position from our Provincial Government and a long-term commitment to fund post secondary education.”

“We are constantly told by all levels of government that today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders. SAGPRC believes that strategic, long-term, consistent yet innovative investment in post-secondary education is the best way to develop a work force and a society that can meet the challenges of tomorrow.”

“Costs for education can not drastically fluctuate from year to year. A clear, consistent, and common-sense model for post-secondary funding must be created.”

“SAGPRC will continue to advocate for a fair tuition model, improvements to Student Aid, and ensuring that students are able to access the programs they want, which includes gaining degree-granting status.”


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