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Student Grievances

The entire process of grievance, all personnel, faculty, staff, and administrators are bound to hold in confidence discussions and names of students, unless given permission in writing by the student for the information to be divulged.

General Academic Procedures

Step 1. Informal Discussion with Instructor

The student should approach the Instructor and make every effort to resolve the situation causing concern.

Step 2. Review by the Chair (informal)

The student should go to the Chair if they do not feel their concern was resolved or they feel uncomfortable approaching the instructor in Step 1.

Step 3. Review by the Dean (formal)

If the issue is not resolved in Step 2, the student will be asked to provide a written statement of the grievance and indicate clearly the expected outcome. The Divisional Dean shall try to negotiate the resolution of the dispute at this step.

The Dean can name a colleague as a replacement if they have concerns about perception of bias. If the concern cannot be solved in this step, the Dean or designate will advise the student of the process for formal grievance.

Step 4. Formal Submission to the Academic Grievance Committee

If the previous steps fail to resolve the issue, the student may request a formal hearing by delivering a statement in writing signed by the student to the Dean, Student Experience. The statement prepared at Step 3 should be the basis of this submission and should be copied to the instructor, the Chair and the Divisional Dean.

Step 5.

The Dean, Student Experience will inform the Vice-President, Academics and Research and/or the Vice-President, Fairview of the receipt of a formal grievance.

Role of the Students' Association

Students are expected to follow the steps of the Academic Grievance procedures; it states the Student’s Association are not meant to step in until Step 5. The SA is available for assistance before it comes to that step if students need clarification or assistance in how to contact the person necessary in previous steps. We may not be able to interfere or communicate on behalf of a student but the SA is here to support and assist you where we can in order to make sure you as a student are satisfied and the issue presented is resolved.

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