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The Students' Council is the governing body for the executive council, and is directly responsible for the representation of GPRC's student body. The Students' Council is comprised of six elected councilors. Elections for Council Representative positions are done in September of each year and the elected council reps hold their positions from October to April. These reps work with the SA Executives to administer the assets of the Association, as well as represent the SA on various committees throughout the year. There is a 2-hour minimum time commitment for the monthly Students’ Association Council (SAC) Meeting.

Students' Council 2020-2021

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Danielle Laurin SC 2020-2021.jpg
Danielle Laurin
Grande Prairie Campus

My name is Danielle Laurin. I am an accounting major at SAIT; I will be receiving my degree at SAIT/GPRC in May 2021. For the past year and a half, I have worked as a Member Service Representative at Servus Credit Union. I enjoy this position because I have such an influential position to help people better their financial fitness. I love helping people and making a difference. As a student councillor, it is our job to listen and deliver results to the student body. During the same calendar year, GPRC announced the approval of polytechnic status. Although I know there were many contributing factors to the approval, I know the approval can also be attributed to the fantastic relationship between the Student's Association and the executive department at GPRC. I cannot wait to be apart of the diverse changes and challenges of the 2020/2021 academic year. Thank you for choosing me to be apart of the change.

Hailey Hayter SC 2020-2021.png
Hailey Hayter
Grande Prairie Campus

My name is Hailey Hayter and I am in my third year of my Bachelor of Elementary Education Degree with the TEN program here at GPRC, which is a part of the collaborative program with the University of Alberta. I am super excited to be pursuing this career! I am currently doing my third-year practicum in Sexsmith and I couldn't be happier! I am happy to be a part of the Student Council this year and I am hoping to bring new ideas to the table as well as a unique perspective. I am excited to work with everyone! 

Julie Siemens SC 2020-2021.jpg
Julie Siemens
Grande Prairie Campus

My name is Julie Siemens, and I am a second year student here at GPRC. During my first year, I became aware of how the Student Council always looked for ways to make sure students were getting the best experience they possibly could. The Student Council lobbies for students, raises awareness on information students should know, and provides events for students to build connections with peers. After seeing how the Student Council was always searching for ways to create a better experience for students, I decided I wanted to contribute.  I am currently in the second year of university transfer sciences and after this year I will be transferring to a university and finishing my undergraduate degree. With GPRC being a smaller college, I found it was easy to meet and connect to new people. But COVID-19 has been keeping students at home and making it hard to meet new people. I want to change this and make it so students can have the same welcoming experience as I had in my first year. I want to join the Student council so I can help plan new and creative ways of connecting students to one another.

Tanner Unger SC 2020-2021.jpg
Tanner Unger
Fairview Campus

22, this is the age I decided to “go for it”.  In 2018 I let my best friend talk me into backpacking Europe for a month. Although many people who do not know me are shocked at the thought that I had to be convinced, but for those who do know me, also know me as “the mom”.  I was stable, comfortable and frankly completely unhappy with where I was in life. However, little did I know that the trip I was about to take was going to impact my life to the greatest extents.  This trip tested me beyond my means. I had to learn to be okay with the unknown and to understand that what I have on my back wasn’t what was important. At 24, I enrolled in GPRC’s Animal Health Tech program as a mature student. I was uncomfortable but knowing that I was uncomfortable made me realize that this could be another amazing experience that   Although “go for it” has become my life mantra, being “the mom” is still a huge part of my life. Given the opportunity to be on student council, I believe these two traits could harmonize and allow for fellow students to feel as though they are being heard.  

Emma Lavigne SC 2020-2021.jpg
Emma Lavigne
Fairview Campus

Hi, my name is Emma Lavigne. I was born and raised in Fort St John BC, however, I’m currently living in Fairview AB to attend GPRC’s Animal Health Technology program. Animals are my passion and the medical aspect is fascinating to me. My herd consists of 4 full grown cats, a kitten and a 1.5yr old St. Bernard mix. I am a nerd through and through when it comes to anything Harry Potter, Star Wars and Doctor Who. (I’m a Ravenclaw if you couldn’t tell). I look forward to being on the council this year to ensure our voices are heard and that we can still have a fun and engaging college experience despite the current pandemic.

Jasmeet Minhas SC 2020-2021.png
Jasmeet Minhas
Grande Prairie Campus

My name is Jasmeet Minhas. I am a second year GPRC student enrolled in Business Administrator program, looking forward to major accounting, and pursue my career in CPA. Last year, I went out of my comfort zone and ran in Student’s Council elections. I was nominated as one of the members in Student’s Council and got the opportunity to help GPRC and the students in the college.  Students' council has done a good job at making our college environment friendly. College is like a second home to most students, so my goal is to further strengthen the ideals and values of students' council. I would take my job in student council very seriously and always aim for the best possible result for the greater good. I believe that I carry the qualities and work ethics to be a part of the students' council. I will always encourage anyone with any questions, concerns or comments to just come and talk to me, whenever they see me. I would love to be a part of the Student council team so I could help make our College a better place. 

Madison Buckner SC 2020-2021.jpg
Madison Buckner
Fairview Campus

In 2017, I began an internal campaign challenging myself to conquer the things that scared me. It started by merely watching horror movies at night, taking classes people told me I would not pass, or going out to a restaurant alone; my efforts positively impacted my life. They manifested in a willingness to volunteer for new experiences, be elected as my class Vice President, and secure employment at the Notley Square Lounge on Fairview campus while enrolled in a highly demanding program. The foundation of each success required a high level of character - of genuineness. To a certain degree, this trait is inherent; however, it can also develop throughout one's life.  My academic year-and-one-eighth as a student at Grande Prairie Regional College has tested these skills and given me a plethora of opportunities to hone them. N As Student Councilor, I shall strive to enable my peers with the same opportunities that they have allowed me to experience. I commit to showing up, being present, listening to their views and giving them a chance to be heard.

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