GPRC Students Get Microsoft Office For FREE!


Did you know you can get MS Office for FREE??

Here’s how:

1) Log into “myGPRC”.
2) Click on “My Profile”
3) Click on “Account Information”
4) Click on “Software Access”
5) Click on “Get Micrsoft Office Now”
6) Next page that loads will be the login page. Write down the email address in the username field – you’ll need it later.
7) Enter your Moodle password.
8) Next is the install page – Click the red “Install” button on top right. Download could take 20 min-60 min.
9) Once installed open Word or Excel and enter the email address you wrote down in Step 6 and your Moodle password again. Make sure you are connected to internet.

Finito! All done! You got Office! YAY!

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