8:30 am until Close

(Food & beverage service available as staffing permits.)

Ever find yourself waiting in between classes with no where to go?

Just need a place to chill or study with tunes? Wanna grab your peeps and chat over a beverage?

Then Howlers is the place for you!  We are located just beside the cafeteria on the main floor. We provide a lounge area with a fireplace, pool tables, foosball, ping pong table,  board games and a fun atmosphere with a variety of food options.  If you are 18 years of age or older, we also have a great selection of alcohol to choose from.  


Howlers has weekly events plus bigger special events.  Howlers is also available to College clubs who are looking to host great events.  Talk to your SA Office or SA Executives to find out more.

Movie Night Wednesdays

Why shell out your hard earned cash to pay the big bucks for award winning movies at the place down the road?  Save it and join us in Howlers on Wednesday evenings to watch the latest and greatest on the big screen.  Plus have a beverage or two and play some pool afterwards.  Movie and pool are free!

In case you were wondering, some of the movies Howlers has hosted are Hacksaw Ridge, Arrival, Sausage Party, Assassins Creed, Lion, Sully, Ben-Hur, Suicide Squad, War Dogs, Bad Moms & more…some were still in theatres…so join us for Movie Night @ Howlers.  Bonus– No one’s gonna get mad if you put your feet up!

Open Mic Thursdays

Open Mic Night is every Thursday and showcases local & College talent.  It’s great opportunity to gather, enjoy live talent and unwind.

Do you have a talent that needs to be in the spotlight? Contact our SA Office for more information and to get on stage!

Karaoke Friday

You know you want to!  Ya, you do!  Or at least you want to pop by and give props to the brave ones that do.  It’s always a mystery when someone steps up to the mic… and that’s the fun part. Stop by after 1 pm, unwind, de-stress and start your weekend off on the right ‘note’.


We host E.P.I.C. events that are legendary and create memories of college life that you will be telling your grandchildren about!  You’ve heard of them already, too!  Does Toga Party, Meltdown, ABC and the BEST Halloween Party EVER ring any bells?  Yep!  Those are hosted by the Students’ Association and Howlers.

Plus there are more… we have seasonal and theme parties that are ‘growing up’ to be just as a-mazing as the BIG ones.


SAGPRC and the Art Club have collaborated to showcase the creativity of GPRC students right inside Howlers!  Check it out. Bet you haven’t seen anything like it!

To stay up on ALL of the events at Howlers, follow Howlers and SAGPRC on social media. You don’t want to miss a thing! We are that much fun!

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