The Students’ Association is fundamentally committed to your well being. By paying Association fees, you’re entitled to not only great on-campus events, but you’re also offered a wide-range of services that benefit your experience at GPRC! Check out the list below for SAGPRC programs and services you should know about.

  • Used Book Sale in September & January
  • Support for Academic Grievances
  • Health and Dental Plan
  • Fund Peer Counseling Program on Campus
  • Plan & implement Mental Health Awareness weeks and other events on campus
  • Run in the Student Council & Executive Committee elections
  • Plan & implement Howlers Parties & Weekly events
  • Own and operate Howler’s Cafe & Lounge

SAGPRC is constantly growing and looking to bring in new and improved services and programs for our students.

Used Book Sale

At the beginning of each semester SAGPRC runs a used book sale in our office (Room G123). This is an opportunity to make a little cash from old textbooks students may no longer need, and also give them the opportunity to purchase those pricey textbooks at a cheaper rate then if purchased new!


SAGPRC is composed of 4 Student executives who are in charge of the operation and are the leaders of our organization, these students are democratically elected each March to serve a 1 year term beginning in May. SAGPRC also elects a Student Council composed of 9 students. These students act as a board and are charged with the governance of the Students’ Association. Councillors are elected each September and serve an 8 month term.

Health and Dental Plan

SAGPRC is committed to the well-being of our students so we believe each student should have access to health care. Our Health and Dental Plan covers everything from vision coverage to tuition insurance.

Mental Health and Peer Counselling

We understand how stressful school can be and we want to make sure students are receiving all the support they need. SAGPRC currently funds the Peer counselling program on campus, this is a safe place to discuss any concerns or problems you may have. We also run Mental Health weeks to help students de-stress and prepare for exam season.

Howler’s Cafe & Lounge

Howlers is student owned and operated! If you’re looking to relax and enjoy a nice cup of coffee or a refreshing beer, Howlers is that place. Howlers runs many events throughout the school year such as our very popular Open Mic Night’s on Thursday Evenings.

Fairview Campus

SAGPRC has an office at Fairview campus dedicated to servicing all our students at Fairview. Many events such as movie nights, pub nights, sundae bars & BBQ’s are hosted at the Fairview Campus. If you have any questions regarding the services offered at Fairview please email SAGPRC’s Fairview Manager, Jennie Smeenk, at