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What Makes an SAGPRC President

Hey GPRC! My name is Emma Doris and I am your Students’ Association President for the 2020-2021 academic year. You may have absolutely no clue what that means, and that’s okay! I will break it down as best as I can.

So what does the SA President do? How do I support students every day?

First of all, my job consists of a lot of emails. I didn’t realize when I ran for President just how much of my day every day would be dedicated to answering emails from students, staff, and other SAGPRC stakeholders.

A typical week for me also consists of several meetings with college departments to assess student needs and find solutions for student concerns. We meet weekly with the Director of Student Experience as well as the Interim Vice President Academics and Research. Sitting on several of the college’s committees to provide student perspective also fills my calendar! The SA President is a part of the Academic Council, Curriculum Committee, Program Review Committee, Convocation Committee, Awards Committee, the Alumni Advisory Council, and so much more. It’s my job to ensure that the Student voice is heard across the college.

My favourite weeks are when I have government meetings or ASEC conferences to attend! Our work with the Alberta Students’ Executive Council (ASEC) gives the GPRC Students’ Association direct access to government advocacy. This year we have met with the Minister of Advanced Education numerous times to discuss the Alberta 2030 Post-Secondary Review and GPRC’s potential move to a Polytechnic Institution. We continue to advocate for improvements to the AB transfer system, OER implementation (those are free textbooks), accessibility supports for non-traditional learners, and standardized sexual violence policies across the province, to name a few. For more information on our work with ASEC, visit their website! (link to website)

I also have the pleasure of working with our fantastic support staff and three wonderful Vice Presidents every single day. Together, we create initiatives and solutions to try and make college affordable, easy to complete, safe, and fun for all!

I know that between COVID-19, online education, social isolation, tuition raises, and the usual struggles of being a college student, this year has sucked (to put it mildly). But you can be sure that the Students’ Association is here to help you, whatever the issue. Feel free to reach out to me via email any time.

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