Howlers Lounge Among 4 Best Bar None Award Winners!

SAGPRC Executive Council President Blaine Badiuk and Executive Director Hywel Williams were on hand at the Annual Best Bar None Awards night to accept the gleaming trophy.  Best Bar None is a program that started in the U.K. and made it’s way to Canada in 2010.  Grande Prairie was the third city in Alberta to adopt the program and has done so with such success that Best Bar None refers to Grande Prairie’s implementation method as the “Grande Prairie model” and encourages other municipalities follow suit.


Best Bar None is a voluntary program for nightlife venues to which is designed to keep patrons and staff safe, while recognizing excellence in the industry.  Working with other establishments, law enforcement, government bodies and law enforcement a Best Bar None accredited establishment has taken steps to make sure their business is held to the highest levels of safety and quality.

Howlers is proud to be an accredited venue with Best Bar None and an award winner.  Keeping our students, staff and friends safe while having a great time in our lounge is key to being a successful student centered campus bar.

Click here for the Daily Herald Tribune article.


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