The Students' Association of GPRC is a non-profit organization, under the mandate of the Government of Alberta to protect the best interests of GPRC students. SAGPRC is governed by a set of official Bylaws, Policies and Procedures. The Executive Council shapes the direction of SAGPRC's ongoing advocacy efforts to effect policy changes on behalf of students.

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Want To Know More?

How do Bylaw changes occur?

Bylaws are changed when there is a motion by the Students' Council to change the Bylaws to help the organization operate better. Once there is a motion to change the Bylaws, the amendments are posted for 21 days. During these 21 days students have the right to bring forth any concerns regarding the posted changes.

How often is there a Bylaw review?

Typically every three years.

What is the Post Secondary Learning Act?

This is a mandate set by the Government of Alberta to ensure that Albertans maintain a high level of education. In a nut shell.

Who do I speak to if a Bylaw or Policy is broken?

You should speak to the President of the Students' Association.