Health and Dental

To Opt Out: Click Here. Choose SAGPRC in the list of schools and find the opt out option in the left menu.

Health and Dental Card: Can be found in your student benefits account.  


To Opt In or Add Dependants: Email sa@gprc.ab.ca to get information  

To Submit a Claim:

Click Here 

Room of Plenty 

How often can the food bank be accessed?: The food bank can be utilized twice a month per student.


How do I apply to use the food bank?: Click Here 

Student Grievances

Check out our student grievances cheat sheet 

Find more information on the GPRC website 

Used Book Sale

Due to COVID-19 protocols the Students' Association is not open to hold the used book sale. Check out SAGPRC Used Text Book Buhy and Sell for used books.