Executive Council Positions Filled By Acclamation – BUT YOU STILL HAVE A SAY!

The Executive Council positions have been filled by acclamation by the following student leaders:

President – Blaine Badiuk *

VP Internal – Ramon Ramirez III

VP External – Lindsey Comeau *

VP Social – Brent Nordhagen **

In a single candidate election, SAGPRC Policy states that “All single candidate elections will run a Yes/No vote and will require at least an 80% majority Yes vote for the candidate to win.”   Campaigning begins March 12 for two weeks with the YES/NO vote happening in Pillars outside the SA office from March 26-29.  All GPRC students are asked to participate in the democratic process and let their voice be heard.  Do you think the candidate acclaimed for the position is the right person for the job?  Show up at the polling station and be heard.

*Denotes incumbent.

**Denotes current Executive Council member acclaimed for a different position.