Newly Elected 

2020-2021 Student Council

Madison Buckner - Fairview Campus 

Hailey Hayter - Grande Prairie Campus  

Danielle Laurin - Grande Prairie Campus 

Emma Lavigne - Fariview Campus  

Jasmeet Minhas - Grande Prairie Campus 

Julie Siemens - Grande Prairie Campus 

Tanner Unger - Fairview Campus 


Election Rules

To ensure a fair and transparent election the following campaigning rules MUST be adhered to by all candidates. Deviation from these rules may be subject to expulsion from the election race.

1. Campaigning is defined as:

  • Any physical and visible items promoting and/ or supporting a candidate, including any online promotion of and by the candidate, and;

  • All verbal persuasion and pressure to support a candidate by the candidate, and;

  • Scheduled speaking opportunities.

2. A maximum of $250 CAD may be spent by a candidate on their campaign.

  • To ensure compliance to this rule the campaign expense form and all receipts must be submitted to the Chief Returning Officer (CRO), through the SA office, no later than 10:00 am the day following the last day of campaigning.

3. All campaign material must (1) clearly and visibility identify the candidate by full name or side; (2) include the position sought or referenda/plebiscite title; and (3) list the respective voting days. Failure to include proper identification may result in the removal of campaign materials.

4. Posters and banners should be made of paper only.

5. If chosen to use banners, it should be bigger than 11’’x17’’ but no wider than 2 ft. and no longer than 4 ft. There’s a limit of 5 banners, one per area, one per wing and only on a selected floor.

6. Any campaigning materials cannot go on the brick.

7. Candidates are permitted to hand out leaflets or handouts to individuals. Candidates may not leave leaflets/handouts on vacant tables, on the floor, or unattended anywhere else.

8. Any slanderous and/or libelous campaigns directed towards any nominees or otherwise will not be tolerated, including but not limited to, verbal, print, social or digital material. If proof is found, you will be subjected for removal from the election process.

9. Bribery for votes will not be tolerated.

10. Each candidate may print up to thirty 11x17 coloured posters through the SA office at no charge. A limited number of additional prints may be available at fair market value through the SA office.

11. Candidates are not allowed to loiter in the SAGPRC office to campaign. All questions shall be directed to the CRO. The CRO will the candidates first point of contact.

12. During the forums, candidates should be prepared to answer questions asked on any number of topics. Questions chosen are at the CRO’s discretion.

13. Out of town or otherwise unavailable candidates may receive help from the SA Executive with the placement and/or removal of campaign material, at the discretion of the Chief Returning Officer.

14. All physical campaign material must be removed from campuses no later than 5 pm on the last day of the election.

15. Candidates are not permitted to volunteer or loiter at or near voting stations during the election.

16. Candidates may continue to campaign during the election period.

17. Candidates may remind students to vote and who to vote for; however, they may not actively facilitate any part of the voting process. Appeal Process: A written appeal of the voting process should be may be submitted to the Students’ Council for decision no later than 1 week after the election results are announced.


Any candidate that does not follow the above guidelines, as determined by the Chief Returning Officer, will be subject for removal from the election process.

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