The Students' Association is responsible for representing GPRC students both on and off of campus. The Council advocates to the College, the community and multiple levels of government on behalf of students. 


Student Representation:

As the official student voice on GPRC campus, SAGPRC ensures that students receive the representation they deserve. This is done by ensuring many of GPRC’s committees have student representation. 


A few examples of the committees/councils student leaders sit on:


  • Academic Council

  • Hiring Committees

  • Curriculum Committee

  • Strategic Enrollment & Retention Committee

  • Alumni Board

SAGPRC also appoints two student members to the Board of Governors, the highest decision-making authority in the college. 

Provincial Representation:

SAGPRC is a member of ASEC, the Alberta Students' Executive Council. ASEC has a mandate of accessible education for all. Through our work with ASEC we are able to choose the student issues most relevant to GPRC Students on all campuses, and advocate to the provincial government for issues pertaining to accessible, inclusive and affordable education. 

For more information on ASEC, check out their website!