Howlers Booking Form

Pulling your hair out over papers, exams and other looming deadlines? Or, just need to socialize and meet new friends? Howlers is a fantastic place to kick back and relax with friends.

Howlers is Grande Prairie Regional College’s campus pub. A 450 seating capacity and its unique pillar atmosphere is a great place for students to relax, study, socialize and even watch a few movies.

Ran by the students for the students, we offer weekly specials, our very successful Open Mic and karaoke .

Howlers has hosted several conferences, weddings and Christmas Parties.

Howlers Lounge is located near the cafeteria in the college and is open Monday To Friday at 9:30 am and Saturday in the Evenings.

Interested in Booking Howlers for a private or open event? Fill out the form below!

GPRC Students' Association

Howlers Lounge Booking Form

Group Name:

Date of Event:

Contact Person(Full Name)

Phone Number


Billing Address



Postal Code:

Event Times

Start Time :

End Time:

Number of People



(Guaranteed number must be given at least 1 week prior to the event)

Room Rates

** At least 70 percent of the people in attendance must be faculty, staff, students, or clubs of the GPRC in orcer for room rental to be waived

Bartender Fee

 $14 per hour/per person and their time includes ½ hour before and ½ hour after the function for set-up and clean-up. ONLY Howlers Bartenders are allowed to work any function; One bartender per 50 people.


*Used for speakers, speeches (microphone + speaker)
**Play music/cd’s/DJ’s (microphone + speakers + amps + soundboard/mixer)

Bar Service

1. No bar service is required

2. Cash Bar
Is recommended when your guests are responsible for paying for their own drinks. We provide
the bar, mix, ice, glassware, condiments and the bartender fee. GST is included in the bar prices.

3 .Host Tab/Drink Tickets:
Is recommended when a company or individual is hosting the function and is paying for all
beverages. We provide the bar, mix, ice, glassware, condiments and the bartender fees. GST is
included in the bar prices. A 15% gratuity charge will be applied to the entire bill.
please select from below:

 1. No bar service is required 2. Cash Bar 3. Host Tab/Drink Tickets


Additional Information


Host & Cash Bar Prices:

Regular posted prices, any discounts/specials must be discussed with the GPRCSA 3 weeks prior to event

Special Requests/Questions:

Any special Requests or questions pertaining to your booking? Please arrange a meeting with our Lounge Manager and our Lounge Programmer as everything must be approved through them first. Please contact at : 780-539-2962


Decorating is the responsibility of the group. All decorations must be taken down by the end of the function. Decoration times will be arranged with GPRCSA.


It is agreed upon by the booking group that any damages or extra cleaning done to Howlers Lounge during the event will be the responsibility of the booking group and will be invoiced for the cost of repairs. The GPRCSA will make note of the condition of the space prior to and following the event.


The booking group agrees to use the contract security company for the event. GPRCSA will make arrangements for the proper amount of security. The cost of security is $30 per hour/per guard; for events serving alcohol.

– 1 guard per 50 people; for events not serving alcohol– 1 guard per 100 people.

Terms & Conditions of Howlers Lounge:

Howlers Lounge is a service provided by the GPRC Students’ Association.

  • Booking requests must be submitted to the General Manager at least three weeks prior to the event. Less than three weeks notice and your request will not be approved. No exceptions. The GPRCSA will contact you when ReAct has decided on your application.
  • Howlers may be booked at times that do not conflict with Students’ Association events and or staf flimitations. All bookings must use Howlers staff. One Howlers staff person per 50 people will be scheduled.
  • All events must run within the guidelines of the Student Lounge Policy, AGLC and the GPRC Alcohol Policy. All AGLC regulations are in effect and must be strictly adhered to. The management and staff reserve the right to refuse entry and or service to anyone under the age of 18, whether it is regular lounge hours or a privately booked function.
  • All liquor revenue shall be the property of the GPRCSA.
  • Any group wishing to cancel a booking must do so no later than one week prior to the event. Failure to comply will result in a $50 cancellation charge and or loss of booking privileges.
  • Howlers lounge is closed on: Dec 7 – Jan 7, Feb 18 – 22 and April 11 – 30. For the months of May, June, July and Aug we will accept bookings pending availability of staff.