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    Executive Committee Elections

    Get excited GPRC – Elections for your Students’ Association Executive Committee are just around the corner!  The Executive Committee, composed of the President, Vice-President Internal and Vice-President External, works hard to represent the student body year-long.  

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    Fairview – Do you want a New Bar on Campus?!

    STUDENTS!!! We have a unique opportunity! Your executive team has been approached over the last three years by Fairview students, and we have been asked over and over again for a student owned bar on campus! Well Fairview, we’ve heard you and we are ready to start the process! In

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    We’re Hiring!

    Your Students’ Association has an immediate volunteer work experience opportunity! We are looking for someone to provide front desk coverage for our Department Assistant everyday during the lunch period. The coverage will occur for an hour per occasion and is UNPAID but does earn other SA benefits, including free admission

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    Just the Gist on Voting in the Federal Election

    Don’t spend the next four years living in shame because you didn’t vote in the October 19th federal election – especially when it’s this easy. Step 1: What kind of voter are you? There are three types of student voters: Voters who have lived in the same electoral district for

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