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  • lobby week

    The Alberta Students’ Executive Council Takes over the Legislature during Lobby Week

    This past week in Edmonton, The Alberta Students’ Executive Council (ASEC) engaged in our annual Lobby Week. The Lobby Team was comprised of student leaders from across the province, myself included. Together we advocated on behalf of Alberta’s post secondary students.  What does this mean? Lobby Week is executed through

  • Executive Voting 2015-16

    Check out what your Executive Committee Candidates have to say!

    On March 11th, SAGPRC held a forum for all Executive Committee candidates. Each candidate was asked 3 randomly selected questions which they answered in front of a group of GPRC Students. Each candidate was filmed during the forum and here they are! Candidates For Vice-President Outreach Jon Miller Erik Derose

  • GP Forum 2015

    EC Election Campaigning has begun!

    Hey GPRC Students! It’s the most wonderful time of the year – it’s Election season!  Nomination packages have been handed it in and it is our pleasure to introduce you to your Candidates for the 2015/2016 Executive Committee: President: Thomas Petersen VP Internal: Mike Moman Mona Grace VP External: Kristen

  • Executive Elections 2015-16

    SAGPRC Smile- Life of a Student Executive

    In this video Lydia continues to chat about her experiences as an SAGPRC Student Executive. She describes her incredible experiences working with different teams and how student leadership has changed her life for the better.

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