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  • Executive Elections 2015-16

    SAGPRC Smile- Life of a Student Executive

    In this video Lydia continues to chat about her experiences as an SAGPRC Student Executive. She describes her incredible experiences working with different teams and how student leadership has changed her life for the better.

  • Executive Elections 2015-16

    What is SAGPRC? -Life of a Student Executive

    What is the Students’ Association of Grande Prairie Regional College? Lydia Sadiq, SAGPRC President 2013/2014 gives her perspective! Lydia chats about her favourite experiences as a student leader, the importance of SAGPRC and the growth SAGPRC has seen over the past few years.  

  • SAGPRC2014.10

    Alberta PSE Tuition Discussion

    Hi Students, We want you to be more aware of some of the issues Alberta PSE (Post-Secondary Education) is facing today. Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments below. At the time this posting was written the cost of a barrel of oil sits at a startling

  • myStudentPlan

    January Health and Dental Opt Out

    Hi Students! It’s that time of year again, we are currently processing January Health and Dental opt outs! You may only opt out if you were not already opted into to the program for the January semester. If you’re interested in opting out from the plan please click here. The

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